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Elite Private Teachers offers academic programs that provide social and emotional support for students with ADHD.

A Specialized Learning Model

Our model offers a learning environment with minimal distractions compared to traditional classrooms with multiple students. This allows us to address the unique challenges that students with attention and hyperactivity issues face by providing them with organizational support and a strong teacher connection, ultimately maximizing their potential for success.

The EPT Advantage

Our personalized one-to-one classrooms allow us to tailor the curriculum and teaching styles to the unique needs of each student, which helps keep them engaged and promotes better learning. With just one student in the classroom, distractions are minimal, and students can focus on the teacher. While every class is customized for each student, our teachers use various strategies to support our ADHD students. Here are some of those strategies:

  • Provide schedule of the day

  • Divide day into smaller sections with more breaks

  • Offer clear expectations with structure and consistency

  • Use visuals when possible

  • No timed tests!

  • Color-code materials

  • Incorporate all senses during learning when possible

  • Integrate executive functioning skills into daily learning

Parent Testimonial

"Our son always displayed exceptional intelligence, but when it came time for parent teacher conferences, I was a nervous wreck. It was the same story every time: low grades, high behaviors. As he got older, homework began to erode our relationship. It was a difficult time for our family, and we were relieved to receive a diagnosis of ADHD. 

Despite our best efforts, family life became consumed by homework, and our son grew increasingly miserable, feeling like a failure. By the end of the third grade, it was a struggle just to get him to go to school each morning.

Then we found Megan at Elite Private Teachers, and everything changed. Over the past year, our son has changed into a confident, successful, and happy boy. We said goodbye to homework! Thanks to Megan, our family is now happier, calmer, and more cohesive, and we can finally enjoy spending time together without any homework-related arguments. We couldn't be happier."


-Amber, mother of a 9 year old boy

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