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With our approach, there's no need to compromise.

Balancing Passion and Education

Our student-athletes and actors are incredibly motivated and driven. They choose to work with us because they value high-quality academics that can be balanced with their extracurricular activities and passions. Usually, a flexible schedule often means compromising academic quality, but at Elite Private Teachers, our personalized, one-to-one learning model allows students to have both flexibility and a premium education.

Personalized Academic Support Wherever You Are

Our full-time students receive one-to-one and personalized classes and customized schedules to fit into each student’s life. We have worked with student-athletes, actors, and other students who need scheduling accommodations and know it’s important for us to provide consistency.

Virtual Learning Available

We offer a combo of in-person and online options and can create a program that works around your student’s life. Take us with you virtually when you travel and return to in-person learning when you are home. Virtual learning is live, with your child’s teacher, not some online, busy work program.

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