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EPT understands that every family is unique and has different scheduling needs. We value the time of not only our students, but of parents as well. We empower families by giving them control of when their children learn.

Seeking Flexibility in School Schedules?

Our 1:1 teaching approach means that each student will spend 15-25 hours with their teacher each week. The rest of their learning schedule is entirely flexible and customizable. Whether your child performs better in the morning or you have specific time constraints, we can work with you to create a tailored solution. If you're planning to travel or spend time away from home, we can adjust the pace of learning and use virtual tools to ensure your child doesn't fall behind.

We have worked with…

  • Part-Time Residents

  • Elite Student Athletes or Performers

  • Students with Medical Conditions or Disabilities

  • Traveling Families

Personalized School Schedules

EPT is committed to creating personalized schedule solutions for every family, no matter their unique needs or circumstances.

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