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Megan Smones, the creator of Elite Private Teachers, has over 14 years of experience with children ages six months to sixteen years old.


Megan worked within the public education system for nine years, teaching both upper and lower-level elementary students. She knew things needed to change as programs are outdated and often harmful for children. Many classrooms had inexperienced, unmotivated or unqualified teachers. This became the catalyst for her pursuit of an administrative certification, hoping to improve conditions for children in her care. After spending two years in administration, it became apparent that the malfunctioned systems are beyond repair at a school level. She decided to branch out and offer a better option for families by creating Elite Private Teachers.​


Through college, Megan worked as a personal nanny for three different families. These families had children ranging from six months old to thirteen years old. This experience gave her a different view of how families function and how to be an active partner alongside the parents in developing their children. She quickly realized the high demands on families today and their schedules. As a nanny, she was responsible for planning educational outings and providing authentic experiences for their development. ​


Megan Smones attended Northern Arizona University where she received her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and Master of Educational Leadership degree. During this time, she studied educational theory, pedagogy, and laws within today’s overall educational system.

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A Foundation in Empathy

Megan has worked as a trainer of teachers in many different capacities, tutored children after school, and fostered a 15-year-old child. She believes the future lies in our children and education is the best gift that a child can receive, second only to a loving family. She believes in philanthropic endeavors, serving in the United States Peace Corps. For one year, she worked to improve educational conditions in the Kingdom of Tonga in the South Pacific.

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