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Our Elite Students receive everything they need and more at their pace. Today's students need the flexibility to meet your family's demanding schedules without compromising their educational needs.



Your child is unique. We want to customize their education. Elite Private Teachers provides a tailored program that addresses math, English Language Arts, science and social studies. Our Elite Families begin the year with a custom assessment that guides the plan for their school year. This assessment considers your preferences, your schedule, the Arizona state standards, your child’s current abilities, and the innovative, cutting-edge approach that Elite Private Teachers brings to the table.

Families are busy, and you need a program that works with you. We will develop a detailed report at the beginning of the year with your calendar needs included. Families receive a comprehensive monthly summary their student’s progress and quarterly report cards based on Arizona's State Standards. We guarantee one year's progress for every student!

Zero Hours

of homework each day at
Elite Private Teachers

1.5 Hours

of homework each day at Phoenix Country Day School



Classrooms pace teaching for the slowest student. Your child's time, energy, and opportunity are wasted waiting for their peers to catch up. Elite Private Teachers provide a one-on-one, complete education for your child. Your child will build confidence and critical thinking skills, free from busy work or boring assignments. We personalize lessons to your learner’s pace and interests, unlike a classroom where the teacher must meet the needs of 25 other students. Direct instruction is 1:1 with all attention on your child and their needs.



Student per class
at Elite Private Teachers



Student average per class in the state of Arizona



Students per class at Phoenix Country Day School


We carefully design every aspect of learning with your child in mind. Considering their interests, needs, and your wishes, we shape the environment, content, and schedule for them. Lessons are rooted in authentic experiences. Elite Students learn in the community, sparking curiosity through tangible experiences and a genuine desire for critical thinking. Our learning center does not have fluorescent lights, desks, and white walls as a typical classroom might. It is customized for your child's comfort with seating options like beanbags, couches, comfortable chairs, eye-friendly lighting, a custom library, charging stations, a kitchenette, a courtyard, and more. Your child will love coming to school every day. Please contact us for specific information on the location.


Unlimited Breaks

each day at Elite Private Teachers

043-time management-01.png

Only Two Breaks

each day required by the state of Arizona

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